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You call this a ďSpirit GuideĒ but where are the ghosts?

Thereís actually quite a lot more to Spirituality than ghosts. Ghosts are fascinating and definitely worth exploring, but this is not a paranormal blog. Iím not a Spiritualist and I donít commune with ghosts. What I do do is explore the world of the occult, the signs and symbols that help us make sense of the dark side of the world.

Arenít you worried that youíll go straight to Hell?

Of course not! Iím perfectly sure that while we can summon Hell to our dimension, we cannot descend to Hell until death. But, besides, just exploring the dark side doesnít mean Iíll end up there. And maybe Hell isnít so bad, after all. No one knows for certain. Thatís part of the charm of this kind of study.

Howíd you get so interested in the occult?

My uncle Chris was an occult fanatic. Not in the cultish sense, but he collected all sorts of art and paraphernalia. Growing up, visiting his huge mansion, I was always blown away by his collection. When he died under somewhat mysterious circumstances, I thought Iíd do some digging.

So, if youíre a Wiccan are you a witch or a wizard?

Not in the sense that I ride a broom or wear a special hat and have a long beard. Iím a modern pagan, in a sense. Iím really just starting out, trying to figure out my connection to the Earth and the cosmos and alchemy.

Do you believe in horoscopes?

Horoscopes, or sun-sign astrology, is an ancient practice that I definitely believe in. There are a few really interesting sites you can consults for your own reading. But as far as newspaper horoscopes go, I only read them to have a good chuckle.

When will you be adding to the site?

Thereís a lot of info to be discovered, digested, and divested so itís going to take some time. This website is a work in progress, so Iíll be adding to it as I go. If you want me to cover anything in particular, you can email me at or on ICQ: 185893, username: WickedWiccanTobit.

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